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15 Reasons to Try a Sleeveless Coat This Fall

This of-the-moment item is more practical than you think.

Sleeveless coats were all over the spring 2015 runways, and though they weren't on my fall shopping list, I couldn't help but keep an eye out for them every time I hit the coat section. Frankly, I just like how they look -- especially the thickish wool ones with pockets, like the camel-colored one I ended up buying from Rachel Comey -- and the idea of being able to move my shoulders and arms about more freely in cool weather.

Now, if you're the pragmatic type, you might be thinking: "Coats without sleeves? Really, fashion?" But sleeveless coats have a lot to offer on the practicality front. They can be formal or informal -- I like to cinch mine with brown alligator belt when I'm trying to dress my look up a little, or leave it open and loose (usually with a striped turtleneck) on the weekends. They can be worn in 70-degree weather when you need that third piece to elevate your basics, as a 60-degree alternative to a trench coat and layered up for much colder temperatures -- on days that dip below 45 degrees, I'll pair mine with a Uniqlo "heattech" camisole, a thick turtleneck sweater, fleece-lined tights, over-the-knee boots and a scarf. See, practical!

If I've effectively persuaded you to give a sleeveless coat a spin, here are 15 favorites to try.

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