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Dhani's Luxe-Looking Slingback Heels

Just the right mix of ladylike, grandma-ish and sexy.

While I've yet to actually see a pair of Massimo Dutti's shoes in person (because its New York store is above 14th Street and I don't like to buy shoes without trying them on), I feel like the brand could be the best kept secret in footwear. Its shoes all appear to be high-quality, stylish and polished, and most of them come in at under $300.

I want almost every pair of shoes MD has on offer right now, but I'm especially interested in these slingback heels. I already have a pair of slingback kitten heels, and have been wanting something a little higher -- and less expensive than Manolos.

These are just the right mix of ladylike, grandma-ish and sexy. In fact, they might just be worth trekking uptown for.

Crocodile Slingback Court Shoe, $180, available at Massimo Dutti.

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