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Snooki to Launch 'Great Gatsby'-Inspired Perfume (The Movie, Not the Book)

Did you know that Snooki has more fragrances on the shelves than the former Rachel Green?

Everyone's favorite little "Jersey Shore" meatball-turned-New York Times best selling author, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, is launching a new fragrance this Thursday on HSN — just in time for her upcoming wedding. According to HSN, Snooki Love was created "in honor of her upcoming nuptials to long-time-love-of-her-life Jionni LaValle." (I just feel like that declaration shouldn't be paraphrased.) 

I jumped on the phone with Polizzi, who was multi-tasking (I could hear her mini-polpetta, Giovanna, cooing in the background) to hear more about her funtime wedding theme, her high school reading curriculum and the musky-floral Snooki Love, which is complex, like Polizzi. Polizzi explained that her third fragrance reflects her own personal growth and development, plus evolution from her former sloptart-y, snookin' for love days. (Definitions here, if you never watched "Jersey Shore." For shame.)

"My first two fragrances are definitely way different in the smells," she said. "Some are flirty and fun and fruity, but this one resembles who I am today. It's more mature smelling — not old — but more mature."

The design of the bottle, packaging and accompanying clutch pouch — and her upcoming wedding ceremony — are inspired by "The Great Gatsby" and the roaring '20s, with gold and black Art Deco details and a delicate feathery pouf (as in one favored by flapper girls, not the bouffant hairstyle made famous on MTV) adorning the cap. "I always loved that era of how people dress and how they act and I feel like in my past life I lived in that era," she said about the cautionary tale of socio-economic divides, hard-partying excess and unrequited love in the age of Prohibition. "And when me and Jionni watched 'Great Gatsby,' we were just like, why not have a 'Great Gatsby' wedding?" she said.

Now, just to clarify, did Polizzi and her fiancé find inspiration from the recent Baz Luhrmann version or the 1974 Robert Redford and Mia Farrow one (you know, with "Law & Order" D.A. Jack McCoy as Nick Carraway)? "The one with Leonardo DiCaprio," Polizzi confirmed. So not the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic that we all read in high school, either?

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"I haven’t read the book, everyone’s telling me to read it," she said. "But I’ve been so busy with the baby and planning the wedding. Every time I’m gonna read a book, I fall asleep." Fair enough. 

Now, this is Snooki's third fragrance, putting her on the same level as One Direction, which boasts a trio of scents in its screech-inducing boyband portfolios, and one perfume ahead of America's sweetheart Jennifer Aniston (but Jennifer Lopez trounces everyone with 23). According to Polizzi's reps, her last two fragrances, which also were sold exclusively through HSN, both sold out within a few hours and "exceeded expectations." 

So clearly, you doesn't have to be a Grammy winner (Taylor Swift at five perfumes) or an entertainer-slash-fashion-obsession (Rihanna: six) to have fans want to be you and smell like you. Karen Grant, NPD's global beauty industry analyst explained via email that for the last decade celebrity fragrances — led by Glow by J. Lo and Britney Spears's Curious — have been key in enticing younger customers to become interested in and start buying perfumes. "Younger consumers, in particular, often identify with or aspire to be like a popular celebrity. Given this appeal, celebrity fragrances are often quite popular gift items for young girls wanting the latest release from their current favorite star," she further explained.

Snooki Love will be sold exclusively on HSN during two segments on Thursday, Nov. 13 and Friday, Nov. 14. If you're fan of Polizzi's fruity, flirty fragrances and are curious about her more sophisticated outing, then you'll be happy to know a pre-sale starts 24 hours before her shows on And judging from the past two efforts, you might want to buy early. What would the Situation have to say about that?

Watch Polizzi live and buy some Snooki Love at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, November 13 and 2 a.m. ET on Friday, November 24 on HSN. Visit for more details.