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The 10 Most-Viewed Collections of Fashion Month

According to, these spring 2015 shows garnered the most interest.

Once again, raked in the page views during this past fashion month. We can't say we're surprised that the go-to site for runway photos and reviews can get close to 4 million page views on a single show (that would be Chanel), but it is interesting to see which shows get the most pickup each season. Thankfully, the site compiles a list of its most-viewed shows for its magazine, It hits newsstands Nov.11, but we've been given a sneak peek.

The latest issue ranks the spring 2015 shows. As usual, Chanel came out on top, with more than a million views separating its feminist protest from the second place show, which, interestingly, was Dolce & Gabbana, which didn't even make it into the top five last season. Something about the matadors -- oh, and maybe Kendall Jenner leading the finale? -- must have caught people's attention. Meanwhile, Dries Van Noten made it on the list for the first time with its hippie-inspired, psychedelic collection.

Read on for the full top 10.

1. Chanel: 3,954,241 page views.

2. Dolce & Gabbana: 2,643,563 page views.

3. Saint Laurent: 2,513,396 page views.

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4. Valentino: 2,507,080 page views.

5. Louis Vuitton: 2,394,355 page views.

6. Givenchy: 2,329,477 page views.

7. Celine: 2,072,063 page views.

8. Prada: 2,059,602 page views.

9. Dior: 1,896,252 page views.

10. Dries Van Noten: 1,848,587 page views.