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Stella McCartney Says She Won't Do Menswear… Yet

The British designer received the Women’s Leadership Award — and then Natalia Vadionova heckled Jerry Seinfeld.

If we had to choose a fashion person to be best friends with, it would probably be Stella McCartney. And if last night’s special tribute to the British designer was any indication, her circle of friends is abundant. McCartney was awarded the Women's Leadership Award from the Lincoln Center Corporate Fund's Women's Leadership Council. From evening emcee Chelsea Handler and presenter Helena Christensen to video messages from supportive loved ones including Bono, Gwen Stefani, Kate Winslet, Quincy Jones, and Doris Day, McCartney was applauded for her philanthropy and mission to maintain an ethical approach to fashion design

McCartney’s special evening also included a conversation with friend and comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who approached the topic of fashion in the most Jerry Seinfeld-way possible. (“What’s the difference what anybody wears anyway?”) In a format not unlike 21 Questions, Seinfeld grilled McCartney about empowering women through clothes, why women dress so well in Paris, and angry models. “They seem like they storm down that runway, like, ‘When I get at the end of this runway, I’m going to give the audience a piece of my mind.’ And they stop and they glare at us and they go, ‘Oh the hell with you!’” joked Seinfeld, to which Natalia Vadionova objected by booing from the audience. In true McCartney fashion, she stood up for her model friend. “Natalia’s a smiler. She’s a smiler. At every one of my shows, I say to my girls beforehand, ‘We’re in Paris, we’re in the Opera Garnier. This is amazing. Be in this moment. Enjoy this moment.’ My girls smile.” They dance, too.

But besides Seinfeld’s amusing outside perspectives on the fashion industry, he also had a few questions about men’s style for McCartney. “What do you think about men who wear extremely interesting socks? What is your least favorite look for a man? What do you see on the street that really disturbs you in menswear?” asked Seinfeld. “I don’t get disturbed. I’m not judgmental. I’m taking it all in. But I don’t do menswear—yet,” answered McCartney. A hushed wave of excitement rolled over the audience. The first time that she ever dabbled in designing for the opposite sex was back in 2010, when McCartney created a range of men’s clothing in collaboration with Adidas to celebrate her new designer role for Team Great Britain for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Since then, she’s continued to mainly focus on women’s ready-to-wear. But could a debut menswear collection be on McCartney’s ever-expanding to-do list? After all, the designer was reportedly recruited yet again to design for Team GB for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games come 2016. Perhaps she’ll soon have a few male-friendly designs set for the runway, too. We’ll have to wait and see.

As the audience quieted down, Seinfeld stated, “There’s your scoop!” Thanks for the tip, Jerry.

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