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Taylor Swift's Guide To Dressing Like a Manic Heiress

Also known as the video for "Blank Space."

Taylor Swift may not be one for fashion with a capital F, but boy does she know how to use clothes to tell a story. The singer's video for her song "Blank Space" has officially hit the Tube, and the costume changes are many and fabulous.

"Blank Space" is arguably the best song off "1989" — naysayers, get at me — with a delicious self-awareness about Swift's reputation for running through boyfriends the way others take down Cool Ranch Doritos. To that end, Swift has cast herself in the video as a romantic, paranoid, potentially reclusive heiress, running around on the grounds of her estate in a dizzying array of ball gowns, sun dresses, crop tops and, because it had to happen, riding outfits. Oh glorious day, the riding outfits!

Out of the 20-plus looks she wears, here are some of the best. 

Lady Mary Taylor

Or, like, anyone from Downton Abbey. Literally, she is singing about how the dude looks like new money right now, so come on.

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Fragrance Ad Taylor

D&G? Tom Ford? The way she glides down this staircase really should make some luxury execs at least consider Swift for a fragrance campaign.

Emily Gilmore Taylor

Has Taylor also been binging on "Gilmore Girls" since it went on Netflix? Here she channels Connecticut's original ice queen, Emily Gilmore, while painting a portrait of her beau, played by model Sean O'Pry. 

Fabulously Eccentric Taylor

GREAT sunglasses, though.

"Gossip Girl" Cast Member Taylor

"Cause we're young and we're reckless," and we're taking a golf club to our boyfriend's car.

"Real Housewife" Taylor

The cheetah print, the mega-heels, the mascara running down her eyes, the DRAMA!

Millennial Taylor

Wearing crop tops, dropping phones in fountains. This is our youth, people.