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Taylor Swift Makes Another Foray Into the World of Wet Hair and Cozy Knits

It's a good look either way.

Just a day after the excellent and instantly viral video for "Blank Space" hit the webs, the Taylor Swift Research Institute for Social Domination has revealed the next move in its strategy to steal our hearts, minds and about 87 percent of my Twitter notifications. That is, a cover of Wonderland magazine that has the singer chilling out in wet hair, natural skin and Cara Delevingne-grade brows. It looks great.

With her press push for "1989" reaching its full, crushing potential, a more alternative cover like this feels like a breath of fresh air while keeping Swift squarely in our line of sight. Genius. 

That said, the Wonderland shoot bears a lot of similarities to Swift's recent cover of British Vogue. Dewy skin, wet hair, smoky eyes, cozy knits, tanned limbs... drawn-on looking freckles. Both are great styling moves for the otherwise put-together singer, but hello, familiar.

So tell us: Which is your favorite cover? Is it A) British Vogue, B) Wonderland or C) One Direction's Wonderland cover from 2012 with the puppies?

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