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Celebrities and Stylists Come Out to Fête The Wall Group's New Editorial Site

Plus, we chat with up-and-coming actress Tessa Thompson.

When you live and work in New York, the fashion industry can feel very New York-centric. However, some very important segments of it are rooted in Los Angeles (hence why we do a conference there every year). L.A. is home to Hollywood, which means it's where a number of costume designers, stylists, makeup artists and, increasingly, designers have built their careers. And a new, insidery editorial site has set out to cover the artists and personalities of both coasts.

The Thick is a content-driven offshoot of The Wall Group, a major agency representing the top celebrity makeup artists and stylists in New York and L.A.

At the hip new website's L.A. launch party at a hip new "bar with no name" in West Hollywood, Editor in Chief Anthony Rotunno (formerly of Vanity Fair) explained that The Thick is not so much about what subjects like Lori Goldstein and Linda Rodin do professionally, but rather, "It’s about getting to know them as people, and getting to know what makes them tick, what their passions are outside of their career." That means you won't be reading about how X celebrity's braided up do was created. "I mean there’s an audience and a place for that but another voice in that chorus, it’s not what we’re trying to do." Generally, Rotunno said, the site will not be specifically leveraging The Wall Group's artists' access to celebrities for content. "No celebrity working with one of the artists would do something for The Thick because of that."

In addition to just about every makeup artist and stylist in the biz, there were a few celebrities in attendance including Joe Jonas, perennial fashion party attendee of both coasts, and Tessa Thompson, a gorgeous up-and-coming actress with whom I've been obsessed since seeing "Dear White People," in which she plays the protagonist. "A friend of mine who also happens to paint my face when I have to go have photographs taken of me is represented by the Wall Group, so I thought it was a nice time to get together with her and kind of celebrate her in a way," she said.

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"Dear White People" is undoubtedly Thompson's breakout role, and has made the biracial actress a bit of a poster child, at least for the time being, for the current climate of racial tension in America. "It’s been an interesting year. I have 'Selma' coming out Christmas Day and that’s a civil rights movie about Martin Luther King, so I’ve been seeped into conversations about race in America. I’m really pleased to be a part of that conversation but for me the pinnacle would be as a woman of color to get to play roles where that has nothing to do with the character I’m portraying." After "Selma," look out for her in "Living Room Coffin," playing with her band "Caught a Ghost," and on red carpets, being ridiculously pretty.