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Eliza's Blazer For Unapologetically Embracing the Holiday Spirit

Sorry I'm not sorry.

I realize that for some of you, any mention of dressing for the holidays this early in November will have you like:

So I'm really, truly sorry, but I'm ignoring your feelings today.

On Monday afternoon, I swung by Topshop's shiny new store on Fifth Avenue -- twice the size of the SoHo location, second only to the London flagship and opening to the public on November 5 -- and HO BOY are those people ready for the holidays. Crop tops with snowy fur trim? Check. Shimmery gold jumpsuits? Why yes. Did you say rhinestones? You can't handle these rhinestones.

The one item that really caught my eye, though, was a burgundy and navy blazer that cleverly fades from check to a floral pattern, which makes for a nice twist on a print your great-uncle might also be caught wearing. It has matching pants, which is pretty fabulous if you, too, like to imagine what it would feel like to be Hillary Clinton at a Christmas party. (PRETTY FABULOUS, I'm sure.) 

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It's almost enough to get you excited for the holidays just days after the Halloween decorations have come down, isn't it?

Topshop Premium Checked Floral Jacket, $240, available at Topshop.

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