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Tumblr Expands Merchandise Offering

Bonus: It's got a charitable angle.

Since being acquired by Yahoo, Tumblr quietly began expanding, including adding sponsored posts

Unsurprisingly, part of that push has included selling Tumblr merch in a store that launched this summer, but soon the product line will expand beyond simple tees. Starting November 10, the company will launch the Tumblr Merch Artist Series. Each shirt will be limited edition, and designed by some of Tumblr's most prominent artists: Cindy Suen will kick off the series in November, followed by Traceloops (December), Mkey Burton (January 2015), Santtu Mustonen (February 2015) and Pasquale D'Silva (March 2015).

All of the proceeds from the shirts go to benefit the Media Democracy fund, a non-profit supporting net-neutrality. It's a great way for the platform to support the artists who make the site such a draw for the visually inclined, while continuing the fight for net-neutrality. 

UPDATE: All five guest designs can be found below.

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