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Vivienne Westwood Wants People to 'Eat Less,' Models Discuss Size In The Industry

Plus, Birchbox goes to the Great White North.

The politically-charged Vivienne Westwood is no stranger to controversy, but the queen of punk’s latest comments have people in an uproar. The Dame, who is a vegetarian and supports the organic food movement, insisted that families who can’t afford to buy organic should “simply eat less."  {The Daily Mail}

As models of different shapes and sizes slowly gain visibility, it also puts the commonly used and controversial term “plus size” in the forefront. talked candidly with five models about their perspective on the issue of size in the industry. {}

Birchbox is headed north! The e-commerce beauty company launched a website dedicated to Canadian shoppers and plans to start shipping out boxes in December. Canada is the latest international focus for the U.S. based brand which also operates in the U.K., France, Spain and Belgium. {Cosmetic Design

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