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How to Update Your Braid Game This Winter, Because It's Coming.

These braids will KILL at all the holiday parties you're hitting, too.

I was taking suggestions in the office for the subject matter of today's YouTube Tutorial of the Week and Fashionista intern Danielle said she needed a cool up-do for a winter wedding — one that wouldn't make her look like an old lady or a sequin dress-clad 16-year old going to prom. I immediately thought of inventive braids, which are basically my hair-crutch because plaits can look deceivingly complicated and incredibly cool, but are actually easier to create than most think. But milkmaid plaits and side-braid-buns feel so summery (and I don't know how to do anything else), so I was looking for some wintry updates.

And then I discovered this combo of braid options technically intended for back-to-school. But that can totally translate to party 'dos, right? (And, jeez, the kids are fancy these days.) Eighteen-year-old Brit vlogger Roxxsaurus shows us how to pull off the trifecta of braids against her pretty perfect backdrop of damask wallpaper, a rosette-dotted white vanity and matching acoustic guitar (is this a CW TV show set?). I'm also really digging her nose ring, Alexa Chung cat-eyes and Cara Delevingne eyebrows. But anyway, the braids.

First, the teen starts with the few tools necessary to complete looks, which is when we learn that "hair grips" mean bobby pins and "hair bubbles," elastics in British. Her first up-do is a breezy-chic, slightly undone fishtail braided top-knot. The lesson also doubles as a quick tutorial to master the four-stranded plait (one technique that's still lost on me). The second is a "Game of Thrones"-meets-Princess-Leia middle-parted, dutch braided, double twisted style that would be both a fantastic cheat for day two hair and an effortlessly cool holiday party 'do. Roxxsaurus' third style is a half-up, half down look that I think Khaleesi and fellow winter wedding (winter, not red) guests would approve of. 

Watch the video below. 

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