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Want to Work With Camilla Nickerson or Alex White? Check Out Our Careers Page

Your next job or internship could be just a click away.

If you're on the hunt for a job or an internship, we suggest you head on over to our careers page ASAP. We're constantly adding new listings from design houses, PR agencies, stylists and magazines, so whichever area of the fashion industry you want to break into, we've got you covered.

For the aspiring stylists out there, Camilla Nickerson, the editor and stylist, is on the hunt for a super motivated intern. Same for stylist Alex White — and with this one you get lunch and travel paid.

If PR is more your jam, the Los Angeles-based Indie PR is looking for a remote intern and part-time publicist. In New York, the Eighth Floor is looking for spring interns. And if you're itching to get working during fashion week, you should hit up BPCM, which is taking on fashion week beauty interns.

Those are just a few of the positions we have available, so head on over to our careers page today.

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