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Alexa Chung Is a Classy Lady in Double Denim

With a DGAF attitude.

Tuesday on Instagram, street-style MVP Alexa Chung uploaded a sassy picture of herself in Los Angeles wearing denim from her upcoming collaboration with AG. Chung is known for giving tomboyish pieces a feminine twist, and this look is case in point. 

Wearing matching shades of denim on top and bottom can look frumpy, but her cropped, high-waisted skinny jeans and casual oversized shirt are refreshingly plain and un-distressed. A black tank top and edgy ballerina flats are classic — but not boring — pairings. It's the cozy beige sweater doubling as scarf, big round sunglasses and cute little pastel pink Louis Vuitton propped from her elbow like, "What, this old thing?" that upgrade this Canadian tuxedo into a sophisticated jet-setting look. And the pièce de résistance? A bright red lip that says, "Hello world, here I come."

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