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Alexander Wang Debuts Denim With an Incredibly NSFW Ad Campaign

We warned you.

Are you alone? If you don't work in an office that also has a kegerator or a lot of people who "get" fashion, we'd suggest you go find a quiet space. Because Alexander Wang has dropped the ad campaign for its denim line, which launches Tuesday, and holy hell, is it porny.

As the art historians over at WWD put it, the campaign features "Anna Ewers oiled up and shot from the waist down in a pair of Alexander Wang jeans pulled halfway down her thighs, her hand positioned to suggest masturbation."

For closer analysis of that thesis, here's the teaser Wang posted to Instagram on Monday.

It seems to check out. Anyway, the dark, Steven Klein-lensed photos fall very much in line with Wang's previous campaigns, which have Ewers and her crew of bad girls hanging out in public restrooms and detention centers. Of course, this one is way more attention-grabbing than its predecessors.

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That might owe to the fact that it marks the designer's first foray into a very crowded market — that being denim — in which he is by no means guaranteed top dog status, for all his ready-to-wear cachet. Coupling the line's launch with a provocative, click-bait campaign might be a cheap trick to get consumers' attention, but we're talking about it, aren't we? Didn't it work for Calvin Klein with Brooke Shields's infamous ads?

Nobody's going to forget that Alexander Wang also sells denim, at least not in the near future.