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Victoria's Secret Angels Lip Sync to 'Shake It Off,' Hailey Baldwin Just Shakes It

And Europeans are not as into wearable technology as Americans.

It’s finally here! The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs tonight on CBS. But for those who simply can’t wait a few more hours for your supermodel fix, the Angels have prepared a special video to get you pumped for the broadcast: Watch them dance and lip sync to “Shake It Off,” the chart topping hit from one of tonight’s performers/Angel bestie Taylor Swift, in the clip above. {Victoria's Secret}

Following in the footsteps of pal Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin stars in Tuesday’s Love Advent Calendar video. While definitely sexy, the clip has us feeling a bit of deja vu: Baldwin appears in the same bare bones room Lily Aldridge strutted around in for day two's video. Baldwin has a few different moves to show off but that mystery wind and static TV are still there. {LOVE}

With the recent proliferation of smart watches and collaborations between fashion and tech companies, it feels like wearables are all the rage. But that’s not the case for many of our neighbors across the Atlantic. A recent survey showed that 45 percent of American consumers polled could see themselves using wearables, compared to the 30 percent of European shoppers. Though Europeans are more resistant to the tech trend that’s not stopping companies from pouring billions of dollars into the technology. {WWD} 

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