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Kate Middleton Wore a Hoodie, Anna Kendrick Pulled An Odd Airplane Outfit Change

And some American Apparel executives are none too pleased with Dov Charney's firing.

Today in semi-conscious dressing choices, Anna Kendrick says she woke up on a plane wearing all of the clothes she'd brought in her carry-on, with no idea how they got on her body or if she gave the passengers a fashion show. Thanks, Ambien. {US Weekly}

New American Apparel CEO Paula Schneider might have a tougher job ahead of her than she first anticipated, as over 30 loyal executives have asked the company's board to reconsider its decision to fire Dov Charney. {Bloomberg}

Kate Middleton wore a black hoodie, black skinny jeans and knee-high suede boots while hanging out with some Boy Scouts in London. Because that's what the youths are wearing. {NY Mag}

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