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John Galliano Makes a Surprise Appearance at the British Fashion Awards

We're not sure which is more shocking: the Galliano appearance or that Wintour allegedly cried...tears.

There's a lot going on overseas this week, with the Victoria's Secret Show in London and the Chanel Metier d'Arts show in Salzburg keeping the fashion crowd busy (and divided) on Tuesday. But, first, everyone came together for the British Fashion Awards (more on those later), including someone we haven't seen -- save for the occasional paparazzi shot -- in quite some time: John Galliano.

The recently-named Margiela creative director made a surprise appearance on stage to present a Anna Wintour with the BFC Outstanding Achievement award, and while we weren't there, social media tells us it was a major moment. Galliano talked about eating baked beans with Wintour, and how Wintour reached out to him when he was an "outcast." Wintour, who was reportedly wearing Margiela by Galliano (a strong statement of support), choked up during her acceptance speech and discussed the importance of using fashion as a platform to do good.

All in all, it was an important and successful first comeback moment for Galliano, and a somewhat humanizing one for Wintour. This is something people will be talking about for a while.

Update: This post was updated to reflect that Anna Wintour was wearing Margiela by John Galliano, not vintage Galliano.

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