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This Week's 10 Biggest Stories in Fashion

All the news you need to know, in case you were hiding under a rock this week.

This Week in Travesties: Why, oh why, would the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show edit out the part where Ariana Grande got slapped in the face by an angel wing? But it did, despite the fact that it would have been ratings gold.

Unapologetic: Chrissy Teigen opens up about quitting Twitter for eight days this fall after facing backlash for her comments on gun control, and guess what? She's not scared of her haters, and she has no plans to back down.

Beauty in Review: We took a look back at the biggest beauty trends of 2014, from flash tattoos to exposed nipples. And butts. So many butts.

Santa Baby: Kendall Jenner got down in her knickers for Love's annual advent calendar. The resulting video is both awkward and beautiful.

The Royals Do New York: Here's a look back at every single outfit Kate Middleton wore during her tour of the New York this week. Because we know you wanted it.

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