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The 25 Most Memorable Magazine Covers of 2014

Don't throw these issues out, kids.

At the end of each year, I partake in a sort of cleansing ritual that involves me throwing out/donating a large chunk of the crap I accumulated over the previous 12 months. One of the largest casualties of said purge is my magazine collection because, let's be honest, I will probably never pick up that random (and kind of boring) mid-summer issue of Vogue again. 

However, as any fashion lover knows, there are certain glossies that are destined to become collector's items, and you can often tell which those are just by taking a peek at the cover. Whether it's a cultural phenomenon capable of breaking the Internet (like Kim Kardashian baring her ass on the cover of Paper or in a wedding dress with Kanye West on the cover of Vogue) or just a visually arresting portrait of your favorite model by a legendary photographer, sometimes the cover of a magazine makes it worth saving for posterity.

Out of hundreds of magazines and international issues of magazines, we narrowed the editorial pool down to 25 covers from 2014 that we will likely have plastered on our walls (or computer desktops) or stacked neatly on our shelves for years to come. Read on for our picks, and if you have any of these lying around, heed our advice and don't throw them away.

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