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Cara Delevingne Wiggles in Lingerie, Victoria Beckham's Sales Double to Nearly $50 Million

And Urban Outfitters hires its first female director.

What makes Cara Delevingne a phenomenon? Perhaps its her "childish rebellious streak," or her air of "not taking [fashion] too seriously" and "having her cake and eating it" -- all of which director Matthew Donaldson sought to capture in the video above. {Nowness}

Sales of Victoria Beckham's clothing brand doubled from £15.76 million in 2012 to £30.39 million in 2014 — meaning they now stand at about $47 million. It also means she sold nearly $130,000 worth of merchandise a day on average. {Telegraph}

Nina Agdal and Emily Ratajkowski star in the "Entourage" movie trailer, based off the popular HBO show. Ratajkowski appears to be a bit more covered up than usual while Agdal looks like her usual bombshell self in a blue bikini. {Fashion Gone Rogue}

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After years of encouragement, Urban Outfitters has hired its first female outside director, Elizabeth Ann Lambert, increasing the size of its board from seven to eight members. {WWD}

This holiday season has been okay but not stellar for retailers. Many consumers have left all of their shopping until the last minute and the percentage of those who have completed their shopping at this point in the season is the lowest of the decade — at 74.8 percent. {WWD}