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Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne Were Chanel Brides in Salzburg

And Hudson Kroenig was once again the cutest thing ever.

Unless you've been living under a rock, without your iPhone, you probably realized that Chanel threw another one of its extravagant destination Metiers d'arts (its fancy version of pre-fall) shows on Tuesday — this time in Salzburg, Austria, known for its scenic alpine environs, baroque architecture and "The Sound of Music."

The show took place in a big old palace, naturally — Schloss Leopoldskron — and, based on social media, was every bit as opulent and aesthetically perfect as we expected, with a touch of coziness and traditional Austrian inspo. Much of the clothing looked refreshingly functional and warm, not unlike 2012's Scottish outing. Only a few looks were a bit too embellished or costume-like for real-life wear, which is to be expected. 

The big story, aside from these incredible hairphones, was the models, as is often the case when Chanel does something on a runway. Eliza mentioned that watching the lead-up to today's show, and the Victoria's Secret runway show (also taking place today in London) on social media, Salzburg felt like the hipster antidote to Victoria's Secret's bubbly, lingerie-wearing bombshells. The Chanel cast included some of modeling's cooler, less conventional faces, like Natalie Westling, Binx Walton and Soo Joo Park. Little Hudson Kroenig in lederhosen was another highlight.  Of course, there were some marquee names, too: Lara Stone opened the show, and Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner closed it, hand in hand as the show's requisite finale brides.

The two seem to have become besties of late; just Monday night the two arrived at the British Fashion Awards together fresh off of Karl Lagerfeld's private jet.

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All photos courtesy Chanel.