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Charlotte Olympia's Pre-Fall Collection Is a Lesson in Art History

Even the kitty flat gets a new twist.

Charlotte Olympia Dellal's shoes and accessories are known for their sense of whimsy, and her pre-fall collection, inspired by mid-century art, is no exception. The influence of her chosen theme is visible in every piece, either explicitly -- like the abstract kitty flats straight out of a Miró painting -- or subtly with geometric patterns and shapes. 

One could argue that everything from the designer is a statement piece, but clutches featuring Jean Cocteau-inspired faces are standouts in this collection, as are the "Mid-Century Heels," wherein 3D circles form the tall heels that are sturdier than they look. Hammered metallic leather is a new material for the designer, and it adds a luxurious shine to both sleek and eccentric designs.

All in all, it's a cleverly constructed collection that, within the crazy world of Charlotte Olympia, demonstrates a more mature and less fantastical aesthetic for the designer, if only because of its familiar inspirations. 

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