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Take a Weird Trip with Creatures of the Wind for Pre-Fall

Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters's new collection is equal parts psychedelic and wearable — not an easy achievement.

"We don’t want anything to feel tricky, just easy and cool," designer Christopher Peters said of Creatures of the Wind's pre-fall collection, and despite the fact that psychedelia, Italian modernist and futurist design and interiors from the '50s and '60s were among its themes, none of the looks were too "out there" for everyday wear. 

Peters and his design partner Shane Gabier admittedly explored a lot of tangents for this collection, aptly titled "Space Is the Place. While some of the results were delightfully trippy — a graphic rainbow coat made from a 14-color jacquard, Hawaiian shirts with illustrations of naked ladies and spaceships and a hand-embroidered, checkerboard sequined skirt were among the standouts — others were perfectly suited for heavy wardrobe rotation. But even the simplest pieces were made from innovative fabrics — lightweight dresses, apron skirts and trousers were created in a stretchy silk linen and a bright blue hoodie comes in a laminated wool that feels like rubber to the touch. 

"The fabrics defined the mood of the collection in a lot of ways," Gabier said, pointing out a '50s-inspired striped coat dress that evoked a California surfer vibe. "There's something in that ease that we’re both really feeling right now." Another of Gabier's favorite fabrications was a late '60s/early '70s San Francisco-inspired silk and nylon woven that had just the right amount of kitsch. Optical illusion also played a big part in the collection, exemplified by looks that appear to be layered but are all one piece. As a finishing touch, the designers created one style of shoe — it's the second season they've done footwear — that has a striped sole in the style of an old ‘70s sneaker.

"Pre-collections are always a good place to test out new ideas," Gabier explained. "It was thinking about the convergence point of all of those ideas — some of them might carry over into the fall collection as well." Well, we don't know about you, but we'd take a head trip with the Creatures of the Wind guys any day. 

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