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The Cozy Socks, Fancy Sweatshirt and Practical Cardholder Eliza Wants for the Holidays

Seriously, socks are the best wintertime gift.

Who really needs more stuff? Nobody, not really. But if I were to put some select items on my wish list for the holidays, they might look something like the below. 

An Everlane card holder? Super practical, especially considering that my other wallet is a massive thing weighing nearly as much as a softball. YMC's crossover sweatshirt and Maison Kitsuné's fox face skirt, meanwhile, are slightly more fun than anything I typically buy for myself, which tends toward the most basic of basics. In the spirit of really going crazy, though, I am asking Santa super duper nicely for SK-II's facial essence to aid me in my campaign to look like Cate Blanchett the Elf Queen in 2015. Because that is my real Christmas wish this year.

1. YMC Cross Over Sweat, $180, available at YMCHaving taken public my love for a certain navy sweatshirt, I would like to present another, fancier navy sweatshirt that I've recently been lusting after. The combination of an otherwise normal shape with that crossover detail makes for an understated but above-average wardrobe staple.

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2. Everlane Card Case Wallet, $40, available at Everlane. Practically speaking, I could use one. Aesthetically speaking, I would like it to be this one.

3. Tarte Fearless cheek stain, $30, available at Sephora. I am a Benetint girl, but maybe it's time I strayed.

4. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, $105, available at Sephora. SK-II. The holy grail of all things skincare. Is this shooting too high? 

5. YMC Socks, $23, available at YMC. Some people seem to think that socks are a lame, joyless gift that parents buy their kids at the holidays. I love getting socks. Whenever I do, I feel incredibly touched and comforted, like the gift giver cares to make sure that my toes don't get cold in the winter.

6. Maison Kitsuné Fox-Intarsia Skirt, $350, available at Net-a-Porter70 percent wool, 20 percent silk, 10 percent cashmere. 100 percent covered in fox faces. (R.I.P. Fox Face.)