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Fendi's Pre-Fall 2015 Collection Is Covered in Stripes and Bag Bugs

As you'd expect, the fur is next level.

In Karl Lagerfeld's world, it's fun to color inside the lines. For Fendi's pre-fall 2015 collection, Lagerfeld reintroduced the patchwork motifs and bold geometric stripes shown for spring 2015, worked onto voluminous wrap coats with tiny belted waists, and a variety of '60s-inspired shapes: cocoon coats, neat collared jackets, A-line shifts and mini skirts similar to the leather versions Nicolas Ghesquiere has popularized at Louis Vuitton. There are some '70s influences, too, seen in flared jeans, maxi skirts and a multi-colored poncho.

Lagerfeld likens the indented sequence of stripes to a piano's decrescendo, which is also an apt metaphor for concentric circles on a jacket or the way parallel lines of different widths highlight a panel of pleats in an ankle length skirt. And with a focus on denim, leather, wide-leg trousers and (mostly) knee-length hemlines, the collection as a whole is more casual and office-friendly than some we've seen in the past. Meanwhile, the coats signal that some of the biggest fall trends -- brightly colored fur, belted waists and blanket ponchos -- aren't going away anytime soon.

Not surprisingly, fur is the MVP of the fabrics here (furry sneakers?…yes, please), especially in a coat made up of layers of mink and another decadently covered in pastel mink squares. The collection also features new iterations of Fendi's whimsical signatures, including the Peekaboo bag adorned with -- you guessed it -- stripes, and several fox-trimmed Bag Bugs, seen for example as an accent on a moto jacket and covering a sweater. In a palette of purple, red and forest green, the result is a collection relishing in geometry, playfully celebrating the house's recurring motifs. 

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