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Google Search Favored the Red Carpet Risk Takers in 2014

Here's who you were searching for this year.

It's right around this time of year that the various search engines of the world turn the mirror back on us and detail which celebrity pregnancies, weddings and exercise regimens piqued our collective interest over the past 12 months. It's a nice opportunity for reflection and, sometimes, a light reassessment of what we're doing with our time.

The top trending fashion designer this year, according to Google's data is Bethany Mota, the teenage YouTube star who created a clothing line for Aéropostale. Oh, yes. Following behind her were Kate Spade, Oscar de la Renta, Rachel Roy, L'Wren Scott, Valentino, Alexander Wang, prom and formalwear designer Sherri Hill, Edith Flagg and Tina Knowles, somehow.

Of course, these rankings aren't solely based on people's interest in clothing. With Spade, Wang and Hill that's probably the case, but we would assume that people were searching for Scott and de la Renta in the wake of their deaths. Tina Knowles' popularity we'll attribute to... Beyoncé?

Google's list of the most-searched red carpet celebrities, however, should be considered cause for celebration. Rihanna topped the list, followed by Lorde, Lupita Nyong'o, Madonna and Pharrell; Solange Knowles came in at number eight. 

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Why is this so exciting? Well, they're all celebrities known for taking risks with fashion — they're not the massive contingent that plays it safe in mermaid dresses, drop earrings and nicely waved hair. Rihanna gets nearly naked on a regular basis; Lorde wears weird little wide-legged tuxedo outfits. If there's one case for stylists to start dressing their clients in more interesting ways, it's this. The people will give you all the traffic! They want it! 

Equally fascinating were the most common fashion questions we posed to Google throughout the year. The top five searches are pretty reasonable, focusing largely on what to wear to a wedding/interview/first date/concert. The tenth most popular search, however, was: "What color matches brown?" Yes, there is a whole segment of this great nation that took the time to ponder this question via Google.

But we're curious: What color do you think matches brown? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.