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Kanye West Spent $74K on North West's Holiday Gifts, Naomi Campbell Went on A Go-See

And now there are mannequins that can send you messages on your cell phone. Creepy.
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Kanye West reportedly spent $74,000 on North West's Kristmas gifts this year, including a $62,000 diamond encrusted tiara and a $12,000 matte black SUV toy car to match her dad's. Because what else do you get an 18-month-old who already has a fur gilet and a Chanel bag? So much for not spoiling her. {Daily Mail}

Naomi Campbell, one of the world's first (and most famous) supermodels, forced herself to go on a go-see for her Burberry spring/summer 2015 campaign with Jourdan Dunn. Mario Testino and Christopher Bailey were ready to cast her when she insisted it needed to be tested first to see if it would work. She's such a do-gooder. {NY Mag}

Karlie Kloss flaunts one of spring's hottest trends, the LWD (or little white dress), in this new video. The former ballerina shows off her dance skills in flowy lace frocks and a catchy song that will be stuck in your head all day. Oh, and her long hair is back and in full swing — literally. {YouTube}

Iconeme is the world's first smart mannequin business. By simply walking past one of the company's mannequins, anyone with the Iconeme app receives messages on their phone, informing them what the mannequin is wearing, who designed it and how much it costs. It's meant to help stores attract more brick-and-mortar traffic as opposed to just online sales, even though a digital app for in-store experience seems a little contradictory. But will consumers really want to be bombarded by advertising from plastic dolls? {NY Times}

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