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Kate and Will Met Beyonce and Jay-Z

The Duchess continues to wear coats indoors, but this time it's Tory Burch.

Monday night the Internet exploded in joy as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met the couple many consider America's royalty, Beyonce and Jay-Z, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The setting was perfect: during a time-out, in the middle of the court and streaming live for the world to see. 

Wearing a gray Tory Burch coat (available for $679 here and on sale for $455.59 here) and fitted black pants, Kate looked way, way too buttoned up for a basketball game -- the coat never came off at any point. And the metallic bouclé tweed was not unlike the one she wore as she arrived to the city on Sunday. It is definitely exciting, however, that she finally wore an American brand on the second day of this quick trip and chose to champion a popular New York-based designer known for her preppy and classic style for women of all ages. 

Right before the basketball game, she wore this same coat to a reception in honor of United for Wildlife, where the Duke gave a speech about conservation and the couple met Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. She probably struggled to find an outfit that would work for both occasions, and decided to err on the side of formality. 

And yet, William managed to have time to change out of his suit and into a dad shirt, the sleeves of which he promptly rolled up on they were courtside. I know it takes longer for women to change outfits, not to mention pregnant women, but she should have changed too! Buttoned up in the thick material, she look a bit uncomfortable. Take your coat off, Kate. Stay awhile!

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All in all, the couple seemed to have a great time at the game, awkwardly waving and giggling on the kiss cam, sitting with Dikembe Mutombo and even meeting LeBron James.

Special kudos goes to Beyonce, of course, who stepped up her usual courtside look in anticipation of meeting the royals. Wearing a tight black pencil skirt, a demure buttoned up blouse and pin straight perfect hair, she looked royal-appropriate and casual at the same time.