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Kendall Jenner Addresses Her Haters With 'Mean Girls' Parody

"Kendall Jenner is a fugly slut."

"Mean Girls" has become one of the most quoted teen movies among a certain set of women between ages 15 and 30 — seriously, have any of us have gone a week since 2004 without referencing one of the film's scenes?

So like many of her generation, 18-year-old model Kendall Jenner is using the iconic film to express her feelings. She partnered with Dazed and Confused to address her (many) haters through one great "Mean Girls" reference: The Burn Book. Originally conceived of by mean girl Regina George, the Burn Book documents every cruel thought and rumor about girls outside of The Plastics.

Jenner's version contains a mixture of movie references and versions of critiques lobbed against her on the Internet every day -- and, of course, in a "Mean Girls"-style plot twist, it's Jenner herself writing all of them down.

Love her or hate her, the whole thing is pretty great. Watch it below:

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