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The Luxurious Knit, Dream Vacation and Practical Key Ring Lauren Sherman Wants for the Holidays

When you've got a pup this cute, what else do you need?

I have such high expectations when it comes to presents that I really prefer just hanging out with my fam during the holidays and buying stuff at the sales the week after. (What that really means is that I want cards with money in them.) If for some reason my husband ends up reading this, here are a few things I wouldn't mind seeing in and around my stocking.

1. Vacation Days Black Rock Photo Collage, $65, available at

This limited-edition print will go perfectly in the pile of other artwork we have yet to hang on the wall.

2. The Row English Rib-Knit Ismenia Sweater, $559, available at

I will own this by December 31, 2014. My husband will not buy it for me. What will likely happen is that I'll get some cash and a couple of gift cards and will put it all toward this sweater. Then I will ask him to pitch in $100, which he'll deduct from my share of the rent.

Oh, you want to know why it's so expensive? Because it was knitted in the US from really fancy materials, which means it's basically like buying a brick of gold. INVESTMENT PIECE.

3. Rodin Olio Lusso Parfum, $240, available at

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I never tire of Olio Lusso face oil — or its smell — so I might as well layer on the perfume. 

4. Carl Aubock U Key Ring, $125, available at

I recently dropped my keys down the garbage chute, which means I need a new key ring. This brass u-shaped style from a fourth-generation Viennese metal workshop is the nicest one I have ever seen.

5. Band of Outsiders for Goop Shirt, $295, available at

I love BOO. I love GP. I love Goop. If you love LS, this is a no-brainer gift.

6. How To Find Old LA: A Guide to the Usual and Unusual, $6.95, available at

I actually already own this. But I do want to be able to use it by the end of the year, so a ticket to LA would be nice!