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Lauren's Chapped Lips-Fighting Exfoliator

When lip balm is not enough.

I am skeptical of most beauty products, mostly because they all seem so unnecessary and compartmentalized. Does one really need eye, face, body, hand and cuticle cream? Body, face and lip exfoliator?

Speaking of lip exfoliators, I somehow ended up with a tiny tub of the stuff and decided to give it a try on my chapped lips this weekend. I had tried my normal face exfoliator on my lips before, and found it generally ineffective -- the scrubbing particles weren't "fine" enough, I'd argue -- so I was amused to find that the lip exfoliator really was, well, perfect for my lips. It got rid of all the dead skin and made them nice and plump and ready for lip balm application; when I put lipstick on later, it didn't get all gross and gunky. As an added bonus, the main ingredient is bubble-gum flavored sugar, so if you feel like licking your lips afterward, you can.

Lush pink cotton candy scrub, $9.95, available at

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