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Miranda Kerr Talks Her Biggest Relationship Mistakes, Womenswear Brands Are Adding Menswear Lines

And Lena Dunham bought T-Swift a cat necklace for her birthday. Duh.

Miranda Kerr opens up to InStyle Australia about her biggest mistake has been in her past relationships and why women don't always have to act "strong and empowered." Most women might think it's a radical statement, but Kerr may just have the key to a healthy relationship. {InStyle Australia}

With men buying more personal luxury goods than ever before, many womenswear brands  — like Michael Kors, Tory Burch, and Coach — are beginning to launch menswear lines. Global sales of mens luxury are even predicted to rise 36 percent by 2019. But even with cultural shifts in gender roles, will brands with well-established womenswear reputations or "strong feminine names" be able to appeal to men? {Business of Fashion}

Lena Dunham bought Taylor Swift a necklace for her 25th birthday with a photo of Swift's cat Meredith painted on the pendent. Because what else do you get the girl who has hundreds of millions of dollars and an obsession with her photogenic felines? {Instagram}

Myla Dalbesio, Calvin Klein's size 10 underwear model, discusses the struggle of being in-between in the modeling industry and how there's no one else representing the size 6 to 10 demographic. Her best advice for encouragement: watch "America's Next Top Model" and listen to Tyra. {NY Mag}

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