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The Ultimate Guide to the Coolest Model BFFs On Instagram

Because Taylor Swift isn't the only one who documents her great-looking friends daily.
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The modeling world doesn’t exactly have the friendliest rep. Sure, there are rumors of competitive drama and the occasional Fashion Week cat fight, but clearly that’s not the whole story — because many of our favorite models just so happen to be best friends with each other.

After all, this is an industry filled with long hours, castings and major pressure to look perfect at all times, so it’s no wonder that breaking into modeling is a bonding experience in itself. Plus, as these girls know, the easiest way to get through it all is by relying on your BFFs.

From Brooklyn roommates like Tilda Lindstam and Amanda Norgaard to this season’s cool (and well-connected) clique of Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, we can live vicariously through these model besties on the daily, courtesy of Instagram. Obviously it’s impossible to include them all — and of course, many friend groups overlap — but check out the model BFFs we’re most obsessed with below. (And if you’re not following them already, what are you waiting for?)

Andie Arthur + Kate King    

The pair of brunettes goes way, way back. Long before Arthur was starring in Victoria’s Secret Pink campaigns and King was fronting Dolce & Gabbana fragrance ads, the duo was catching movies and keeping each other company during castings.     

Tilda Lindstam + Amanda Norgaard    

Not only are they hilarious, successful and weird in all the right ways, but they’re also roommates. Between the spontaneous dance parties and girls’ nights in, it should go without saying that Lindstam and Norgaard have the coolest apartment in Brooklyn. 

Gigi Hadid + Kendall Jenner + Hailey Baldwin

Forget the rumors: Kendall Jenner clearly isn’t having trouble fitting into the modeling industry one bit. In fact, she’s already got a group of close-knit friends like fellow reality vet Gigi Hadid and the newest Topshop fave, Hailey Baldwin. 

Josephine Skriver + Sara Sampaio

Skriver and Sampaio are both goofy, adventurous and complete workout buffs, so they already have plenty in common. But a helpful addition to this model friendship is the fact that Sampaio is also buddies with Skrivers’ boyfriend, Alexander Deleon. These two must have had a blast flying to London together for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show this year.

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Joan Smalls + Karlie Kloss

Ranked as #1 and #2 respectively on 2012’s Top Models of the Year list, Smalls and Kloss are at the top of the game. But while this could easily sway into "frenemy" territory, there’s absolutely no drama between the best friends. Along with goofing off in front of the camera and killing it on the runway, they also co-hosted MTV’s recent revamp of House of Style. Needless to say, the chemistry onscreen is palpable.

Natalie Westling + Binx Walton 

They’re both arguably two of this year’s biggest breakouts, but their incredible industry buzz isn’t the only thing the American newcomers share. Westling and Walton both like to skateboard, they’re refreshingly down-to-earth and they share a casual, laid-back vibe. Oh, and they fronted one of the coolest covers of the year — together, of course.     

Emily Didonato + Ali Michael 

The former roommates (Michael now lives with her boyfriend, Marcel Castenmiller) still hang out all the time. Whether they’re making faces or embarrassing each other on the street, they delight in their own seriously awesome strangeness. Not mention, give everyone else a total sense of BFF envy.  

Martha Hunt + Britt Maren

These two models are so close, Hunt was a bridesmaid in Maren’s wedding.

Bette Frank + Sara Blomqvist + Mirte Maas 

Another awesome pair of model bridesmaids: Mirte Maas and Bette Frank, who recently helped Sara Blomqvist celebrate her marriage to Jeremy Young.

Ming Xi + Kiko Mizuhara

Even though they’re currently conquering different aspects of the industry — Xi on the runway and Mizuhara in editorials — these BFFs are always there for moral support. Case in point: Mizuhara turned out to watch her friend in Chanel’s faux-protest runway show in Paris.

Cara Delevingne + everyone 

It’s impossible to narrow down Cara Delevingne’s friend group, because she has so. many. friends. The Brit supermodel pals around with Karlie Kloss and Jourdan Dunn, lives with Georgia May Jagger and Suki Waterhouse in London (with rumors swirling that she might take up residence in Kendall Jenner's LA crash pad soon) and promotes her #CaraD4DKNY line with cool girls like Binx Walton, Sam Rollinson and Ju Xiaowen. Oh, and she chills with Kate Moss and Gisele — no big deal, right? Turns out we’re not the only ones dying to be Cara’s BFF — the rest of the modeling world is, too.