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Alyssa's Skin-Saving Shower Oil

Did I mention it will help you smell like Kate Moss?

We were all pretty excited about the release of Burberry's most recent fragrance, My Burberry, when it hit stores earlier this year: Not only is the light, crisp scent great for everyday wear, its ad campaign was downright epic, featuring two British icons (that'd be Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne) side by side. 

While the perfume is wonderful on its own, I am partial to the shower oil from the product line, especially now that we're about to enter the dead of winter, AKA "dangerously dry skin" weather. It's enriched with almond oil that leaves your body feeling silky and moisturized — which is crucial to someone (me) who is horrible at remembering to put on lotion after a steamy shower. Plus, it leaves the most subtle hint of scent for hours after you emerge. Trust me when I say that anyone you choose to gift this to during the holidays will love you very, very much afterwards.

My Burberry shower oil, $60, available at Nordstrom.

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