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My-Wardrobe Shuts Down Site, Sells URL to Net-a-Porter

Another one bites the dust.

Eight years after launching, the luxury and ready-to-wear e-commerce site My-Wardrobe has shut down its online operations and sold its URL to Net-a-Porter. The site, which still features some clothing at 70 and 80 percent markdowns, now redirects to Net-a-Porter, The Outnet and Mr Porter.

According to a rep for Net-a-Porter, the British e-commerce site hasn't acquired My-Wardrobe (or any of its liabilities) — just some of its assets, including the URL. A rep for My-Wardrobe did not immediately respond to request for comment, and it's unclear what will become of the brick-and-mortar store it opened in London this summer.

As with so many startups, things started out swimmingly for My-Wardrobe. The company made some big-name hires, including the former Harrods Direct Director David Worby, who came on as CEO in April 2012. It also nabbed Carmen Borgonovo, a Harper's Bazaar vet, to fill the role of fashion director. And My-Wardrobe was telling a growth story, looking to raise a £3 million investment round in January 2013 to fuel its international expansion.

But in July 2013, co-founder Sarah Curran left the company, telling Vogue UK that she was "just really the face of the brand" at that point. Suffering from cash flow problems, deepening losses and an inability to raise that money it had been looking for, the company sold to Growth Capital Acquisitions Limited in November 2013. Following the sale, the business restructured to focus on the UK market and a lower price point. Worby departed the company that same week and was replaced by co-founder Andrew Curran. But by April 2014, Curran had also resigned.

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This September, word came out that My-Wardrobe had canceled its spring 2015 orders. So it was just a matter of time until operations shut down entirely.