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Eliza's Dress for the New Year


Guys, important announcement: There's a big sale happening at Opening Ceremony right now, and it's both significant and solid. Frankly, I think most sales are a waste of time — you're spending money to save money on items that probably aren't your first draft pick anyway — but really, this one is good.

I'm particularly attracted to the Kenzo offerings, including this navy wool dress with a clever wrap-tie feature that adds a measure of interest to its understatement. It's sober but cool for that reason, which feels like an appropriate way to dress in January when you're buckling down again after December's decadence. Also, it's marked down from $960 to $384, which is nearly enough to make you order it without a second thought.

I mean, think it through. I certainly am.

Kenzo Stretch Wool Blend Wrap Dress, $384, available at Opening Ceremony.

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