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Chantal's Smudgy Eye Pencil

A jumbo stick makes for jumbo eyes.

I rarely go a day without eyeliner. It's an easy and instant way to play up the eyes and look more awake, even if you just use a tiny dash of it. I rarely go for a perfect line -- it's just too hard to get right and feels unnatural for daytime. I also need an eyeliner that won't instantly set, so I can smudge it around for that last-night's-makeup-tonight effect. 

NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil is perfect for that. It's a creamy crayon that has the right combination of softness and stickiness. I've never used it as an eyeshadow, but it works that way as well since the stick is so thick. There are tons of different colors (including white, which is cool for winter) but the color I use, Knight, has a subtle touch of glitter in it. Easy peasy. 

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil, $4.49, available at Ulta.

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