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Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year Is Marsala

So much better than Radiant Orchid, no?

Ding dong, Radiant Orchid is dead! The results of Pantone's annual poll of designers, retailers and manufacturers is in, and 2015's Color of the Year is: Marsala.

More subdued than its aggressively pink predecessor, Marsala is a red that Pantone describes in the following ways:

"Enriches our mind, body and soul," "exuding confidence and stability." "Like a fortified wine," "tasteful," "the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal," "grounding," "sophisticated, natural earthiness." "Hearty yet stylish," "burnished undertones," "versatile," "complex and full-bodied," "welcoming," "plush."

So, kind of like a Bordeaux. Or a roast. Or perhaps the womb.

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Relative to this past year's Radiant Orchid, Marsala is going to be a lot easier to wear on your face and person when designers and beauty companies inevitably jump on board. It'll make for totally solid lipsticks and nail polishes, and leather bags in the shade would be fantastic. I'd wear a suede skirt or jacket in this rusty tone, definitely — generally speaking, it's going to work well against rich fabrics. And while Cheryl thinks that a Marsala eyeshadow would make a person look "diseased," I'm going to get behind it on account of Hood by Air doing deep red eyes so well on the spring 2015 runway

But we want to hear what you think. Are you going to be taking Marsala to the streets this year?