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What's Next for Sarah Jessica Parker's Shoe Line

The actress/shoe designer told us about the challenges of launching a shoe brand and whether a "Sex and the City 3" movie is indeed in the works.

Not even 12 months since launching her first (and much-anticipated) shoe collection, SJP, Sarah Jessica Parker received the Footwear News Achievement Awards Launch of the Year honor last night in New York. Per usual, she was the consummate professional -- engaging in enthusiastic conversation with every other honoree (and their giddy friends) and fangirls masquerading as reporters on the red carpet. Plus, she has more work to do.

"We have sales appointments all day tomorrow," said the hard-working shoe designer, escorted by business partner (and Manolo Blahnik CEO) George Malkemus. So looking back, what was Parker's biggest challenge in launching her own shoe line? 

"I think just figuring out how to do what we want and help the customer learn what it is that we're trying to do and show her how to integrate our ideas into her wardrobe. Just really repeating that, staying on message," she explained. "If I could, I would go to every woman's home across this country and spend 40 minutes to an hour with her, talking about our ideas and sharing the narrative. [I would], but I can't do that." (I'm sure a lot of "Sex and the City" diehards would appreciate that tutorial.)

Since launching exclusively at Nordstrom in January for spring, Parker has expanded the SJP footprint to Neiman Marcus and Zappos Couture in the U.S., and the line will debut at Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdale's in Dubai in a few days. She also introduced handbags for fall and has a bridal capsule collection coming for spring 2015 -- "just a small amuse bouche," Parker said in a very Carrie Bradshaw sort of way.

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If you remember, Parker basically sent the Twittersphere into a frenzy after she 'grammed a shot of her illicit single-sole-shoe photo shoot on the "Carrie" stoop from the TV show and tagged it with #longdayforCarrie. (All while causing a stink with the fancy West Village neighborhood watch.) The social media teaser seemed pretty timely considering that speculation about a "Sex and the City 3" movie was at a fever pitch. So was that pic a hint?

"I wasn't hinting at anything!" she exclaimed. "That's the truth. And if you follow the thread backwards, it wasn't me, it was J. Hud! She's the one who said [there might be a movie]. "I was like, I have no idea! So I think that she is the one who is the repository for all information in regards to 'Sex and the City 3.'"

Although, hypothetically, if there were to be a "SATC 3," don't expect Parker to be sneaking shoes from her own line in as product placements.

"They can't [put my shoes in the movie]," she stated. "Because I don't exist in Carrie Bradshaw's world. There is no Sarah Jessica Parker in Carrie Bradshaw's world. It's an alternate universe. I think that would be so unethical and so outrageously bizarre, I can't even imagine."

Yup, SJP, always a professional.