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'Pretty Little Liar' Shay Mitchell Was Inspired by Goop for Her Own Lifestyle Blog

But she made it ABC Family-friendly.

As Emily Fields was busy wearing sparkles and attempting to vanquish the evil A on the "Pretty Little Liars" Christmas special, the actress who plays her, Shay Mitchell, was busy schmoozing the crowd (and her adoring fans) at the Piperlime holiday party last night. 

Although, it was a little bit meta as the Piperlime Holiday "It" Girl admitted that she was channeling her on-screen alter ego a bit. "Emily would probably wear something like this," Mitchell said as she pointed to her own outfit. "The blazer, the leather pants, the comfy t-shirt."

While Mitchell has played her "PLL" character for five seasons now (the penultimate season will kick off on January 6), she's made time to pursue extracurricular fashion-related activities, too. Along with her best friend Michaela Blaney, she re-launched her fashion and lifestyle blog, Amore & Vita, and the duo just debuted a capsule collection of t-shirts with Canadian e-tailer

"It was fun," she says about launching her statement tee line. "It’s just an extension of our blog, our lifestyle and things that me and Michaela would say and things that we love. 'I Need A Pizza That' is so me. And the 'Unique Clique' is people celebrating their individual styles and what makes them different. It was a fun passion project."

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Of course, wearing the t-shirts for her five million plus Instagram followers helps, too. (A trick out of Blake Lively's playbook, perhaps?) But even with Mitchell's successful foray into online media and fashion design, she doesn't consider herself to be a competitor to Preserve and Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop.

"No, [we're] not at all competitors," she said, shaking her head. "They’re inspirations. I’ve always loved Goop. That was what I pulled from for inspiration, but I made it for my demographic."

Speaking of her demo, after last night's not-so-Christmas-y Christmas episode (jeez, A, you're such a grinch) and the girls' killer wardrobes — Spencer's '30s-inspired beaded gown, Hanna's continued domination of the beanie category and the significant others doing their best "Jingle Balls"-impression — we have high hopes for season six of "Pretty Little Liars." (Thanks, of course, thanks to costume designer Mandi Line.) But this season it won't just be one girl who has the wardrobe evolution (lookin' at you Hanna 2.0).

"I think it’s going to be a little bit of all of the girls," Mitchell said. "I think we’re going to see a huge change in all of their personal styles. Especially now that Ali came back, she kind of messed up the whole pack. So the girls again are going through their own changes."

Can't wait. Kisses, F.