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Cara Delevingne Talks 'Paper Towns,' Mansur Gavriel Bags Hang With Sloths in New Ads

Also, are Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner the latest powerful ladies to join Taylor Swift's inner circle?

What would happen if you combined the irresistible, aloof charm of sloths with the most hyped handbag brand of the last year? Well, you’d get the unbelievable cuteness oozing out of Mansur Gavriel’s latest ad images. The ads capture the goofy, slow-moving creatures alongside the label’s collection of coveted totes, backpacks and of course, the famous bucket bag. Inevitably, the sloths got tired of their new modeling, gig so MG called in equally adorable replacements in the form of a baby kangaroo, a tiny hedgehog, a few birds and a chameleon. See them all in the gallery below. {Fashionista inbox}

Cara Delevingne has her American accent down pat. The model/actress has of course been perfecting it while shooting “Paper Towns,” her first lead role for the film adaptation of John Green’s book. The two sat down for Green’s vlog series and touched on all the essential topics: eyebrows, her co-star Nat Wolff’s kissing abilities and what she wants to be when she grows up -- some kind of prime minister/alien-fighting princess/lion/monkey hybrid, of course. In typical Cara fashion, the model wore a furry, bear-like hoodie with ears and touched Green’s face a lot. {}

Speaking of Cara Delevingne, it looks like she and Kendall Jenner are being inducted into Taylor Swift’s inclusive gang of powerful girlfriends. The two new besties were spotted leaving Swift’s New York City apartment together Wednesday afternoon. Cara and Tay are old friends, but this is seemingly the first time the “Shake It Off” singer has buddied up with a Jenner/Kardashian -- one who is related to one of Swift’s enemies, Kanye West. We’d like to think that Taylor politely glossed over that fact and, since Cara and Kendall were too busy to walk this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, invited the two over to catch them up on all the fun shenanigans of the night. {The Cut}

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