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Sustainable Hair Salon + Eco-Hair Academy, Ion Studio, Is Hiring A Salon Manager In SoHo, NYC

Purpose of Job: To increase salon productivity and control costs by maintaining standards of excellence in customer service, technical proficiency and retail sales.

Job Title: Full-Time Salon Manager

General Nature, Scope, and Purpose of Job

To increase salon productivity and control costs by maintaining standards of excellence in customer service, technical proficiency and retail sales.

Job Duties and Requirements

Customer Service and Satisfaction

  • places high priority and emphasis on customer service and satisfaction
  • ensures that salon staff conduct each segment of a customer visit courteously, efficiently, and in accordance with the established salon procedures for handling customers
  • Ensures that each customer receives the appropriate services and products
  • is positive role model for customer service

Salon Costs and Revenues

  • meets service and retail sales goals set for salon
  • keeps payroll costs within limits set for salon
  • keeps supply costs and inventories within limits set for the salon

Staff Orientation, Training, Development and Evaluation

  • communicates job requirements, salon standards and policies to staff members
  • orients new staff members to salon, staff, job requirements and procedures
  • works with staff members to make sure they know all salon services and products
  • conducts regular evaluations of staff members performance using established job requirements, salon standards, and staff members own specific goals

Salon Standards

  • ensures that salon meets salon standards for: security, sexual harassment, discrimination, work hours, dress code, housekeeping and safety
  • ensures that staff follow established procedures for handling customers
  • ensures that all equipment is in good/safe working order
  • is a positive role model in adhering to all salon standards

Staffing and Scheduling

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  • directs bookers and reception desk activity to ensure that desk and appointment scheduling is run courteously and efficiently
  • routinely analyzes business data to determine scheduling and staffing needs
  • schedules appropriate number/type of staff to service the business
  • delegates tasks productively

Business Development

  • assesses salon business with owner/president to determine salon standards for: weekly service sales, weekly retail sales, retention, staff productivity and customer complaints
  • routinely analyzes business data to help owner/president determine needs for publicity and promotion
  • helps with salon retention program

Administrative Tasks

  • maintains up-to-date and accurate records of salon operations and staff members
  • correctly prepares all necessary and required paperwork
  • maintains an adequate stock of inventory, and ensures inventory control of supplies
  • authorizes all refunds

Human Relations and Supervisory Skills

  • develops and maintains trust of staff
  • follows owner/presidents directives
  • develops and maintains a spirit of teamwork and cooperation in salon
  • solves salon and staff problems with sound decisions and initiative
  • is well-organized and manages own time efficiently
  • manifest sincere interest in and dedication to salon staff, job and company

Other Duties

  • performs other related duties assigned by owner/president

Immediate Supervisor: Salon Owner

Supervision Exercised: Supervises all salon staff

To apply, please email