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Chantal's Glittery Cropped Sweater

It brings joy to everyday occasions.

One crisp day this fall, I was browsing Topshop and came across a most magnificent sweater. Somehow it is super soft and lightweight as well as woven through with glitter threads that reflect a range of metallic neon colors like a disco ball. Obviously, I had to have it. 

So far, I have been wearing it with a simple high-waisted skirt and, depending on the weather, over a black turtleneck. It's a cozy and easy statement sweater (if such a category exists) for any occasion because it's dark enough that it doesn't scream "party!" and glittery enough that it stands out at parties. The sweater is on sale now and sizes are dangerously close to running out completely, so hop to it if you are as mesmerized by its happy shininess as I am. 

Disco Fluff Jumper, $40 (from $75), available at Topshop

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