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5 Can't-Miss Moments from Tonight's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Don't tune in to the sexiest show of the year before you read our guide.

Just one week ago, the Victoria's Secret Angels took London by storm and put on one hell of a runway show (and after party, for that matter) across the pond. While we were fortunate enough to watch the whole thing go down live, the rest of the world can get in on the action when the annual extravaganza airs Tuesday evening on CBS. But before you tune in, we thought it might be helpful to share five can't-miss moments from the show to be on the lookout for, from Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss's lovable displays of BFF affection to $2 million dollars worth of lingerie hitting the stage at the same time. So, after brushing up on this year's 10 new faces, read on for our guide to the most important moments from the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, that you'll definitely want to see in motion. Happy viewing!

Taylor and Karlie's Friendship Fest

The musician and the model's friendship has been well-documented over the course of the year (remember that adorable West Coast road trip they plastered all over Instagram, not to mention their first VS Fashion Show romp?) and it reached a pinnacle in London. The ladies walked together twice — once in pink pom-pom and lace-adorned boudoir getups, and again to close the show in black lingerie as Swift performed her new song, "Style." For the latter, the duo walked out hand-in-hand, smirking at one another as if to say, "Damn, we look good." And they did. Legs for days, folks.

Not One, but Two Fantasy Bras

If you've ever wondered what several million dollars worth of underwear looks like, you'll find out tonight when Angels Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio come down the runway wearing bras made from diamonds, sapphires and rubies — valued at a staggering $2 million a piece. Maybe that's what all of the backstage security was for....

Ariana Grande Steals the Show

If you had any doubt that Ariana Grande completely owned the music world in 2014, just wait until you see her performance during the show's "Pink" segment. Not only is her voice as impressive (if not moreso) than everyone claims, her medley consisted of hit after hit — it's like there isn't a number one song from 2014 that she doesn't contribute at least a verse to. Yes, the bratty face she made after being slapped by an Angel's wing on the runway was immediately turned into a meme, but it's impossible to hate on this kind of raw talent.

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The LED Runway

This year, the models walked down a very high-tech runway made from LED screens, which add a cool cinematic element to the entire show. The intro segment, which features the Angels walking in gilded wings, is particularly awesome, as it truly looks like the women are emerging from fire. We're thinking this effect might look even better on TV than it did in person, so it's definitely something to keep an eye out for.

The Balloon Shower During the Finale

While at the time this seemed pretty dangerous — full disclosure: I got hit in the head several times when this went down — the shower of huge black bouncy balls and silver balloons during the show's finale was a joy to watch. We can't wait to relive it.