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7 Reasons Winter Beauty Is Infinitely Better Than Summer

As illustrated by GIFs.

It's sometimes hard to get past all the negatives that seem to plague wintertime. The days are weirdly short, the temperature is freezing, the sidewalks are slippery, and ice skating is really hard and scary and I hate it. 

But when you actually back up for a second and think about it, there are some pretty cool things that go along with the snowy season — and I'm not just talking about presents, polar bears and spiked apple cider. (Though those are nice, too.)

Because, when it comes to beauty, winter is basically da bomb. Below are seven reasons why your beauty routine can benefit from a little cold weather and positive thinking — as illustrated by GIFs, for good measure. 

Sorry, summer! Better luck next year.

Blowdrying Becomes a Luxurious Experience

In the summer, blowing out your hair after you've washed it is torture in its purest form. It's hot, sweaty and just generally a miserable chore — and one that I try to avoid at all costs. 

But in the winter? It's the fastest way to warm up when the heat in your apartment isn't quite up to code. I actually start looking FORWARD to using my hairdryer on chilly days — it's like an extension of the awesomeness that is taking a piping hot shower after you've just slid into the bathroom on your icy parquet floors. Sweet relief.

And speaking of hair, winter means...

More Varied Hairstyle Options

I love me a topknot just as much as the next Lauren Conrad-pinning basic bitch — but you know what I love more? Having OPTIONS.

In the summer, a high-up hairstyle is practically the only 'do my sweaty neck and humidity-ridden locks can handle. But come wintertime, the choices are endless. I can wear it down or up or half-up and half-down; low pigtails, high pigtails... you get the idea. And best of all, if I'm having a really bad hair day, I can rely on my trusty beanie or pompom hat to do the trick — and keep me comfy in the cold.

No Sweaty-Faced Makeup Drippage

As much as the cold weather sucks, it does mean one particularly excellent thing: No more face sweat.

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Sweat is the bane of my beauty routine in the summer, often making me wonder why I even bother to apply makeup at all during those mid-year months. I put it on; it drips off. I reapply; it slides back off. Kind of like a fun little game that's actually not the least bit fun, and can be quite embarrassing when you realize you've been walking around all day looking like you've just watched the end scene of "Big Fish" four times in a row. (Seriously, that movie makes me lose it. All of it.)

These days, oil-free moisturizer is your friend. Slather it on and bask in your sweat-less faced glory. 

Dark Lipstick Is Apropos

As much as magazines try to tell us that there aren't anymore "rules" when it comes to seasonal beauty looks... I don't completely buy it. Unless you do most of your shopping at Hot Topic (or listen solely to the Pretty Reckless), there's just something about wearing a really dark, moody lip color in the midst of summer that seems off. Like wearing boots to the beach. 

Come winter, though, I let my freaky lipstick flag fly. In addition to making a runway-ready beauty statement, nothing quite says "Hey! Step away from my rosé" like getting merlot-colored marks all around the edge of your wine glass. Nothing

More Indoor Time = Indulging In Beauty Treatments

If you're at all like me, there's a good chance you've got at least a few beauty treatment-type products that've been lying around your house for quite some time now — just waiting for you to spend an hour or so smearing them all over your face. 

I tend to feel strangely guilty if I'm not outside doing something active (or... lying on a towel) during the summer — and, in turn, my beauty routine can suffer. But in the winter, you end up having a lot more indoor-time. Time that could be spent applying masques (like these!) and scrubbing scrubs and trying out that new self-tanner that you could probably stand to use right about now. 

Gloves Save Manicures Better Than Any Topcoat

You know those professional hand models who wear gloves all the time to preserve their flaw-free appendages? Think of winter as your opportunity to steal their technique — without looking like a germaphobic crazy-pants. 

See, wearing gloves or mittens doesn't just keep your fingers from freezing off — it also protects your manicure from chipping and fading as fast as it does in the summer. Another culprit? Frequent trips to the beach, where sand, sun, and salt water can wreak havoc on a fresh polish job. See? Not being able to afford a warm, sunny vacation isn't the worst thing after all.

Hasta la Vista, Hair Removal

Short skirts, bikinis and tank tops rule my summer wardrobe — and, therefore, so does my hair-removal routine

Whether you prefer shaving or waxing, both can end up being costly and annoying — not to mention, painful — during the time of year when spontaneous seaside trips can potentially mean showing off your stubble and/or ingrown hairs. (Once, in eighth grade, I thought I'd found the ultimate solution by shaving my legs using body lotion in the backseat on the way to the beach. Seriously: NEVER, EVER, DO THAT.)

In winter, tights are your friend. As are pants, sweaters and onesies that look like cute animals. And maybe — just maybe — that extra bit of body fuzz will help regulate your temp on those freezing, snowy nights. So cozy.