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Acne Gives Traditional Fabrics a Bizarre Twist for Pre-Fall 2015

Tweed and boiled wool have never looked this cool.
A look from Acne pre-fall 2015. Photo: Courtesy Acne

A look from Acne pre-fall 2015. Photo: Courtesy Acne

Oh Acne, you strange exotic bird of a brand.

The Swedish label known for its carefully constructed left-of-center cool released its pre-fall 2015 collection Tuesday in a series of delightfully styled images featuring models under layers and layers of clothing. 

"I wanted to portray an idea of feminism in this collection, and looked towards the independent spirit of the 1930s sportswomen, and the realness of the traditional fabrics they wore," explained Creative Director Jonny Johansson in the press notes. These traditional fabrics include houndstooth, tweed, wool, boiled wool, silk, shearling and denim in masculine, boxy silhouettes.

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As we've come to expect from Acne, this collection is incongruous in a refreshing way, especially as styled in the look book. A jumbo lavender knit completely bundles the body (and somehow has more than two arms) and a dense wool sweater melds with a delicate lace dress. Oatmeal knit gloves are almost creepy in how closely they resemble the models' skin. 

But my favorite part are the shoes, especially the chunky sneakers that look like moon boots mixed with low-top hiking boots. They're are as awkward alongside the classic fabrics as they are perfect as a finishing point for the latest installment of Acne's ugly-chic aesthetic

See all the images below.