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Pharrell and David Beckham Star in Adidas Originals's Excellent New Ad

This one hits home.

Sporting goods companies are unbelievably good at making me want to buy their things in order to transform myself into a late-blooming Olympic athlete. Or, failing that, into some transcendently cool, controlled version of myself.

With its creeping bass line, Adidas's latest advertisement accomplishes that handily. But the promo, which features Rita Ora, David Beckham, Pharrell Williams and basketball player Damian Lillard, has another, more poignant message to convey: stop being obsessed with your own fame.

Playing off the name of the brand's Superstar shoe from 1969, Williams & co riff on what it means to be a "superstar."

"If you think a superstar is standing on stage, filling up stadiums, and selling out concert halls..."

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"If you think a superstar is being spoken about, staying relevant..."

"If you think a superstar is people wanting to know where you are, who you're with, and reading about what you had for breakfast, or caring about what you wear to an event..."

Pharrell closes it out with the inevitable punchline: "Then I am not a superstar."

Now, of course someone on Rita Ora's management team cares to make sure that everyone wants to know what she ate for breakfast and who she hangs out with, but we're going to look past the part where celebrities are completely part of the Great Worldwide Gossip Machine to just say that the message is good. We could all stand to self-promote a little less on Instagram and aspire a little less to get likes, faves and shares in favor of actually doing the thing that makes us awesome. As Adidas's main competitor would say: just do it.

The fact that I'm writing about this clearly means it hit home in some way. Good job, Adidas. It worked.