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Iris Apfel and Tavi Gevinson Star Side by Side in Alexis Bittar's Spring Campaign

Sure, there are 75 years between them, but they're equally fabulous.
Photo: Terry Tsiolis for Alexis Bittar

Photo: Terry Tsiolis for Alexis Bittar

Age ain't nothing but a number when it comes to fashion ad campaigns recently: The spring 2015 ads for Saint Laurent and Céline, starring Joni Mitchell and Joan Didion, respectively, are far and away the most talked-about of the season thus far, but the inclusion of women like Helen Mirren and Jessica Lange in major 2014 beauty campaigns has indicated a major shift in a youth-obsessed industry. The latest designer to touch on the topic through his campaign imagery is New York-based jeweler Alexis Bittar, who cast two of the industry's most well-known names in his upcoming ads — women who are 75 years apart in age.

The campaign features the 93-year-old fashion eccentric Iris Apfel alongside Tavi Gevinson — the teen blogger turned Rookie editor turned Broadway star — who hasn't yet turned 19. Shot by Terry Tsiolis and styled Arianne Phillips, the ads are meant to take a stand against the industry's inherent ageism, at least when it comes to modeling and advertising. “In terms of the fashion industry, we’re selling to women who are predominantly over 35, but we’re showing them images of girls who are 19 and retouched,” Bittar told WWD. “For the campaign, we honed in on the essence of strong women who haven’t conformed."

Sure, these two ladies have entire generations between them, but considering how they've both captivated the style set with their unique aesthetics over the years, they're equally fabulous. Keep your eyes peeled for the campaign when it debuts in February.

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