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Chantal's Boxy Leather Backpack

It's a suitcase for your back.
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I've been very resistant to get a backpack that I can wear as an adult person with a job. In the rare situations when I really need one, I keep using the navy blue monogrammed L.L.Bean that got me through high school and college, hoping that there's some normcore throwback appeal there. I know there are a lot of bright new backpacks on the market designed for the sleeker customer, but I'm also very turned off by anything too, well ... cute. I need something that can fly under the radar and go from the gym to dinner with my boyfriend's parents no matter what else I'm wearing. 

Enter the New Era 7525 boxy black faux leather backpack. It's technically for men, but those shoulder straps know no gender. With only one very understated logo, it's as minimalist as backpacks go. It feels fresh and unusual in its simplicity, plus I love the boxy shape and the way it opens almost like a little suitcase. I'll take the fact that it's on sale as a sign that it's time for me to upgrade.

New Era 7525 Backpack, $51.97 (from $64.99), available at Tilly's.

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